MonumentAllen Datagraph Monument Cutters

Make sure your monuments live up to the standards of those being memorialized with Allen Datagraph monument tools. From high-detail etching to ultra-flexible on-site cutters, ADSI has tools to fit the needs of each unique engraving specialist. The machines in the ADSI monument line offer a combination of speed, precision, and flexibility unmatched in the industry. All of ADSI’s monument products are fully compatible with the monument industry’s leading design and layout software. Many of the tools offer the unparalleled option to run unattended, so you can focus on making the best use of your valuable time. All monument cutters in the Allen Datagraph line come with the Allen Remote Panel program. This allows users to control their cutters remotely from their computer, creating an unparalleled level of flexibility.

Each machine is designed to perform on a large selection of materials. No matter what the engraving job requires, an ADSI machine can help make it happen.


iTech Impaxx
  • For etching on hard surfaces including granite, marble, metals, wood, and more.
  • Flexible horizontal or vertical operation so you can etch on monuments already in place.
  • Reduce production time by up to 25% without sacrificing your etching quality.

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iTech 536 GTS Monument Stencil Cutter
  • Cut monument rubber, vinyl, sandblast stencil, and more with the most versatile monument cutter in the industry.
  • Speed up your set up time with easy-to-use controls.
  • Rest easy knowing your equipment comes with a two-year warranty program.

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315 GTS Monument Stencil Cutter
  • Maximize your productivity with unattended operation.
  • High-speed operation at speeds up to 37 inches-per-second.
  • Change your mind on the fly with options to change settings while the machine cuts.
  • Control every aspect of cutting, including drawing.

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LE Series Laser
  • Minimize your floor space requirements with its cantilever design.
  • Etching and engraving with laser precision and flexible design.
  • Make your engravings stand out with adjustable resolutions and power settings.
  • Fit all your engraving needs with a large selection of laser sizes.

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  • Automates your sandblasting process, saving a huge amount of time and money.
  • Easy-to-use job setup templates to save even more time.
  • Adjustable settings ensure complete accuracy on the final product.
  • The only system available that offers blast optimization

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315 OS Mobile Monument Stencil Cutter
  • Reduce your setup time with easy-to-use controls.
  • High-speed operation to get the job done fast and move on to the next one.
  • On-the-go cutter for on-site cutting and travel needs.
  • Unattended operation helps free up your time.

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