Model 5000 OmniScribe Stripchart Recorder

The Omniscribe D5000 offers the advantages of easy paper loading, field conversion to inch or centimeter units, and convenient multiple speed selection. Input spans are available from 1mV fixed to 11 spans, starting at 1mV to 10V. A stable oscillator delivers a clock pulse, independent of line frequency to drive the chart. The Remote Chart feature allows the chart to be driven in synchronism by an external timing source having an output pulse of +3V to +24V and a pulse duration greater than 100 microseconds. The chart can also be remotely started, stopped, and driven in sync with the internal oscillator by the application of a voltage shift ranging between +3V to +24V.

Optional Integrator

Ideally suited for chromatography, the OmniScribe integrator is a modern, inexpensive, all solid-state integrator which is independent of line frequency and responds instantly to the input signal. The integrating trace adheres to convention by giving 100 counts per traverse with a ‘‘blip’’ every 1000 counts. When not used as an integrator, the ‘‘input/mode switch’’ gives a fully operational second recording channel.

5000 stripchart recorder

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