iTech GT Series Cutters

830-GT_rev-01ADSI’s iTech Class systems are high performance material cutting systems. The versatility that has distinguished ADSI cutting systems as the professional’s choice, now enhanced with more features, processing speed and performance values. Includes ADSI’s DirectCUT™ driver. Available In five sizes: 24″ 30″ 36″ 48″ & 60″ New DirectCut Windows driver is included! CUT DIRECTLY FROM: CorelDRAW®, Adobe Illustrator®, AutoCAD®, AutoCAD Lite® and more! DirectCUT is a full-job process management program. You control the output you need: multiple copies, step and repeats, job-to-job spacing, mirror image, rotate, weed border, object sorting and loop (cut path) direction. iTechs are complete production-ready systems. When you take delivery of an iTech, all the tools you need are there to cut, draw, and pounce your way to profitability. The comprehensive user’s manual (on CD, printable) guides you through setup and operation. ADSI’s remote panel cutter gives you the ultimate in-process versatility. ADSI’s new deluxe stand is standard, and every iTech is shipped with ADSI’s new DirectCut™ Windows driver. With ADSI’s exclusive SmartMark, you’re ready with a precision contour-cut solution to process large format prints. With SmartMark on board, your iTech automatically captures up to three printed registration marks, adjusts the scale and skew, and precision cuts your assigned objects. You can contour-cut prints from any printer. Plus, SmartMark is fully compatible with Allen’s DirectCUT driver and leading software publishers like CADLink’s (SignLab®), ScanvecAmiable (Flexi.®) and Wasatch Computer Technology (SoftRIP™).

iTech Feature Highlights

  • Intuitive control panel with large display for quick and easy operation.
  • Two X/Y Slew-key Control Centers.
  • 52-nches per second (ips) of realized cut speed.
  • 550 grams of force! Available in 100 or 1000 selectable steps.
  • Full-width microgrit material transport.
  • Exclusive long tracking guides.
  • Six programmable job setups.
  • Pre-set process parameters.
  • Exclusive pounce-processing.
  • Adjustable hole and pitch size control.
  • Built in test-cut and multiple copy (up to 999 copies!).
  • Recoverable pause.
  • Auto-advance material feed.
  • Programmable media advance.
  • ADSI Remote panel process control and diagnostics software.
  • DirectCut Windows driver.
  • Deluxe stand with built-in media holder, catch baskets, and casters.
  • Two Year Warranty.

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