SmartmarkThe contour cutting solution for large format printers

Allen Datagraph Systems, Inc is pleased to announce the release of its newest cutter innovation for sign and graphics large format print professionals, SmartMark™. Now, when you want to print and cut you don’t have to struggle, hassle or fiddle around trying to make incompatible equipment perform with flawless compatibility. SmartMark™ Equipped Cutters are the path to efficiency.

You create the “dots”… SmartMark™ connects them!

SmartMark™ is a target acquisition option for Allen Datagraph cutters. It automatically scans printed registration marks and launches the contour cut process. It can scan up to 3 registration marks and accurately adjust for scale and skew. Just place the SmartMark™ sensor near the first registration mark and the system will automatically acquire the target(s) and commence contour cutting. SmartMark™ supports step-and-repeat productivity, automatically.

Independent, compatible and very adaptable

Allen SmartMark™ Equipped cutters include DirectCut™, and Allen’s Windows XP/2000 Driver, so you can cut directly from CorelDRAW®, Adobe Illustrator®, and most Windows vector based design programs. Of course, the leading sign design programs have developed SmartMark™ drivers also. SmartMark™ is the adaptable contour cut solution for large format prints.

Always the Right Performance Features!

  • PC and Mac compatibility
  • High force cutting and laminated printing
  • Microgrit transporting
  • Long tracking guides
  • Recoverable pause
  • On-the-fly adjustments
  • Remote terminal systems management
  • Multiple cutter sizes: 24″ · 30″ · 36″ · 48″ · 60″


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