Deliver impressive templates with precision and speed, using Allen Datagraph templating systems. Combining any of the iTech template cutters with “AT Media” will ensure that your template is cut perfectly, and will be ready as soon as it’s cut. These tools are the easiest to use in the industry, making them essential to free up time and grow the bottom line.

iTech Template Cutters
  • Simplify your cutting process with easy-to-use controls.
  • Flexible settings allow you to work with your preferred materials.
  • Increase your efficiency with precise cuts made the first time.
  • Choose what works for you with four different sizes to fit your needs.

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AllenCAD Pro (8.0)
  • Save time by integrating design with execution using AllenCAD software.
  • Boost your productivity with one-touch operation.

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AT Media

  • Ensure the accuracy of your templates with dimensionally stable material.
  • Combine with Allen Datagraph template cutters for maximum quality and efficiency.

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