Test and Measurement

As the foundation of its business, Allen Datagraph understands the importance of these test and measurement tools. With a wide range of settings on each instrument, you’ll rest assured that your data is accurate, your tests are true, and your reports are fast. Using ADSI recorders means you’ll save time without sacrificing accuracy.


Plotomatic XY Recorders
x-y chart recorders | x-y recorders
  • Keep your reports flexible with a wide range of sensitivity settings.
  • Reports stay clean with disposable fiber-tip pens.
  • Adapt to multiple reports with multiple calibration options.
  • Large range of chart sizes available for multiple uses.
  • For those demanding reports, use the available high-end recording system.

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Strip Chart Recorders
Stripchart chart recorders
  • Never question the reports accuracy thanks to high-speed response times.
  • Keep your lab organized with remote control operation of recorders.
  • Adapt to multiple needs with several calibration options.
  • Report at your speed with 17 different speed settings.
  • Stay calm. No paper jams here, with easy-to-use paper loading.

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X-Y Chart Recorders and Other Chart Recorders