iTech Impaxx


The Ideal Engraver For Hard Surfaces

This product is no longer available.

Developed over decades of extensive testing, the iTech Impaxx offers a complete solution to your granite, marble, metal, wood and other etching needs.

Advanced Engraving Technology Built For The Future

  • Easily etches your designs onto almost every hard surface
  • Flexible horizontal or vertical operation so you can etch on monuments already in place
  • Reduce production time by up to 25% without sacrificing your etching quality

Built To Last Through The Toughest Jobs

  • Maintenance limited to the periodic replacement of the diamond cutting tip
  • Manufactured with durable stainless steel materials that will provide years of repeated use
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty

Precision Monument Cutting Technology

The Perfect Tool For Extensive Engraving

Durable components and smart design all come backed by a one-year limited warranty to secure your investment.

Produce Spectacular Images At Your Command

The iTech Impaxx is so accurate it produces spectacular images rivaling those images that are engraved by hand.

Monument applications

Seamlessly Mesh Style With Speed

The iTech Impaxx is the finest option for any engraver looking to boost productivity while maintaining an exceptional level of quality.

  • Monument Engraving
  • Stone Engraving

iTech Impaxx Specs

Image Area Size

Adjustable, Max of 24” x 38”

Engraving Technology

Diamond or Tungsten Carbide Stylus

Programmable Cut Speed

Adjustable in increments of 100 steps


Selectable , 0.25 to 1g

Cutting Force

Adjustable in increments of 100 steps

Command Set



USB 2.0, Ethernet

Physical Dimensions

45” x 40” x 16”

Power Requirements

120V AC 60HZ 290 Watts


85 lbs


Allen DIRECTcut Windows driver.

All software is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista 32, Vista 64 and Windows XP operating systems.

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