A Stripchart Recorder That's A Step Above The Rest

All the advantages of easy paper loading, field conversion to inch or metric units, and convenient multiple speed selection in one handy recorder.

Flexible For Whatever You Have Ahead

  • Input spans are available from 1mV fixed to 11 spans
  • Stable oscillator delivers a clock pulse, independent of line frequency to drive the chart

Built To Handle Your Most Important Jobs

  • Remote Chart feature allows the chart to be driven in synchronism by an external timing source
  • Chart can also be remotely started, stopped, and driven in sync with the internal oscillator

More Precise and Accurate Than Ever Before

Easy To Learn, Easy To use

Omniscribe o5001 offers the advantages of easy paper loading, field conversion to inch or metric units, and convenient multiple speed selection.

Option Integrator Available

Ideally suited for chromatography, the OmniScribe integrator is a modern, inexpensive, all solid-state integrator which is independent of line frequency and responds instantly to the input signal.

OmniScribe 5001 Specs


Single or multiple, 1mV through 100V


Single-ended floating to +200 VDC

Input Resistance

Single range >100 megohm. Multiple range 1 megohm fixed


Panel, 10 turn, adjustable to right or left margin, -10 to +110%

Repeatability (Dead Zone)




Overall Inaccuracy



<0.25 second full scale. Independent of line frequency and voltage


Instant response. Five minutes to rated accuracies

Integrator (Optional)

6000 count/min. full scale. Overrange integration up to 200% full scale, +0.1% linearity, +0.2% accuracy, 10% conventional display, all electronic. See Chromatography Manual Supplement for full specifications

Chart Drive

Digital with instant response. Independent of line frequency

Chart Speeds

Rotary switch selection of 17. NOTE: Any recorder may be field adjusted for metric or English grid units

Writing Mechanism

DC potentiometric servo with infinite resolution, non-contacting rebalance element. All solid-state electronics. Overrange protection

Grid Width

10 inches or 25 cm


11 inches wide x 100 feet, sprocketless. Also uses metric paper 297mm x 30 m without modification


Long-life disposable fiber tip (slow-writing pen available)

Pen Lift

Manual (electric optional)

Event Marker

Trace Interrupt (TTL input) standard. Left or right edge mounted (optional).


Operating, 10 to 40oC. Storage, -10 to 60oC


17.5 x 12 x 6.25 inch, 24 to 28 lb. (44.5 x 30.5 x 17.2 cm, 11 to 13 kg)


115/230 VAC +10% 50-60 Hz. Maximum of 40 or 65 VA for single or dual pen units. Add 10 VA for event marker and electric pen lift

Accessories Supplied

Two black and two red pens per channel, one roll of appropriate chart paper, tear bar, instruction manuals, supply bulletin, and warranty application

Noise Rejection

10mV - DC common mode


10 mV - AC common mode


10 mV - AC normal mode


1mv - DC common mode


1mv - AC common mode


1mv - AC normal mode


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