A Better Way To Make Sure Your Work Measures Up

Larger charts up to 11 x 17-inches or A-3 and a variety of input options mean you can keep your best work going the way that's right for you.

The Best Value For Your Ideal Operation

  • Multi-range general purpose recording systems.
  • Vacuum or Electrostatic Chart Hold Systems available
  • Use 11 x 17 inch and DIN A-3 charts

Built For Whatever You Have In Store

  • Rugged steel chassis and aluminum writing table and case provide durable construction
  • Optical encolorers and precision servo motors ensure years of reliable operation.

Precision Measurement At Your Fingertips

900 Series XY Recorders Specs


Analog: P/N 57-40140 Digital
(Option 30): RS-232C: P/N 206584-1 AMP
Digital (Option 30): 8 Bit Parallel: P/N 840-576-4036027 Amphenol

Type of Inputs

Floating and guarded. Rear input connectors and front input terminals are standard on all models


1 megohm at DC all models, all ranges, calibrated or uncalibrated


+ 0.2% full scale

Dead Band

+ 0.1% full scale


+ 0.1% full scale


Full-scale plus 120% suppression all models

Slewing Speed

41 in/sec (102 cm/sec) nominal

Zero Check

Model 920, 925

Pen Lift

Electric, with remote control capability TTL or switch closure


Double-regulated zener reference with temperature stability better than 0.003%/°C


Less than + 0.2% full scale, 10° to 40° C after warm-up, including zero shift


200 VDC peak to peak

Common Mode

>120 dB @ DC; >120 dB @ 60 Hz; >120 dB @ 400 Hz on most sensitive range, with 1K ohm source unbalance


Disposable, fiber tipped

Paper Holding

Vacuum or Electrostatic Chart Hold

Paper Loading

A switch or command indexes the carriage to the extreme right edge of the recording area to facilitate loading and removal

Writing Area

10 x 15 inch (25 cm x 38 cm)

Paper Size

11 x 17 inch (22 cm x 28 cm or DIN Size A-4)


115 V or 230 V, + 10% switchable, 50-400 Hz, approximately 40 watts peak


Electrostatic Chart Hold, locking knobs for variable gain adjustment and zero adjustment controls. Rack mounting, Digital Interface, Bridge Power Supplies


Dust Cover


Weight: Approximately 27 lb. (12.2 kg)
Shipping Weight: Approximately 36 lb. (16.2 kg)
Fits EIA standard 19" x 10.5" opening, using optional rack case.

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