Model 900 XY

Model 900

A Better Way To Make Sure Your Work Measures Up

Larger charts and a variety of input options mean you can keep your best work going the way that's right for you.

Customize For Your Ideal Operation

  • Multi-range general purpose recording systems with analog and digital inputs available
  • Vacuum or Electrostatic Chart Hold Systems available
  • Use 11 x 17 inch and DIN A-3 charts for boosted accuracy

Built For Whatever You Have In Store

  • Rugged steel chassis and aluminum writing table and case provide durable construction
  • Sealed feedback potentiometers and precision servo motors ensure years of reliable operation.

Precision Measurement At Your Fingertips

Designed To Do What You Need

An optional digital interface enables analog users to annotate charts, draw grids, do extended time YT recording, and do other plotting functions.

A Versatile System For Easy Measurement

Both inch and metric scaling are available, and Parallel and Serial interfaces are provided.

900 Series XY Recorders Specs


Analog: P/N 57-40140 Digital
(Option 30): RS-232C: P/N 206584-1 AMP
Digital (Option 30): 8 Bit Parallel: P/N 840-576-4036027 Amphenol

Type of Inputs

Floating and guarded. Rear input connectors and front input terminals are standard on all models


1 megohm at DC all models, all ranges, calibrated or uncalibrated


+ 0.2% full scale

Dead Band

+ 0.1% full scale


+ 0.1% full scale


Full-scale plus 120% suppression all models

Slewing Speed

41 in/sec (102 cm/sec) nominal

Zero Check

Model 920, 925

Pen Lift

Electric, with remote control capability TTL or switch closure


Double-regulated zener reference with temperature stability better than 0.003%/°C


Less than + 0.2% full scale, 10° to 40° C after warm-up, including zero shift


200 VDC peak to peak

Common Mode

>120 dB @ DC; >120 dB @ 60 Hz; >120 dB @ 400 Hz on most sensitive range, with 1K ohm source unbalance


Disposable, fiber tipped

Paper Holding

Vacuum or Electrostatic Chart Hold

Paper Loading

A switch or command indexes the carriage to the extreme right edge of the recording area to facilitate loading and removal

Writing Area

10 x 15 inch (25 cm x 38 cm)

Paper Size

11 x 17 inch (22 cm x 28 cm or DIN Size A-4)


115 V or 230 V, + 10% switchable, 50-400 Hz, approximately 40 watts peak


Electrostatic Chart Hold, locking knobs for variable gain adjustment and zero adjustment controls. Rack mounting, Digital Interface, Bridge Power Supplies


Dust Cover


Weight: Approximately 27 lb. (12.2 kg)
Shipping Weight: Approximately 36 lb. (16.2 kg)
Fits EIA standard 19" x 10.5" opening, using optional rack case.

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