The Ultimate In Accurate Array Recorders

Production Limited.  Product will be obsoleted after last units sold.

A high-quality, affordable recorder that's unique in its ability to be adapted to a wide variety of demanding recording applications for the quality and performance-minded OEM.

A World Leader in Oscillography

  • Basic module is simply the recorder body with the paper drive motor -  the OEM provides all interfacing and controls
  • Ideal for the high volume user with the resources for both hardware and software development.

Total Control, Right At Your Fingertips

  • “Basic” electronics control not only the paper transport motor, but also provide the voltage regulation and timing signals for the print head
  • Opt for all the control electronics to include an additional microprocessor circuit to perform the curve smoothing, motor control, grid generation, and more.

The Best In Reliable Accuracy, Every Time

Simplicity Meets Modularity

Built to be simple, with modularity that allows the system designer flexibility in product design.

Ready To Roll For Any Job

The MFE thermal array recorder will fit into the panel opening of most comparable recorders.

Model 9240 Specs

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