iTech Traffic Cutters

Traffic-CutterThe next step in cutting technology, ADSI’s innovative line of Traffic Cutter products makes the uncuttable, cuttable.

The cutters incorporate high torque digital servos and High Force Voice Coil cutting heads, that utilize Allen’s exclusive high frequency PWM drivers and digital closed loop feedback controls to ensure accurate force control when using high force settings. The iTech Traffic cutters use an improved friction drive with five pinch wheels for improved material handling.

Cut directly from CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, and most Windows based design programs. There is no need to purchase a costly software bridge or plug-in program when you have the advantage of Allen DirectCUT.

ADSI’s Exclusive Hot Tip Option will give your i-TECH traffic cutter the versatility to process the uncuttable! Now you can efficiently process diamond grade reflective materials and more. It is a temperature controlled heated stylus that cuts and seals the toughest materials with precision.Need financing?

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ADSI’s iTech Traffic cutters are specifically designed for cutting the variety of materials used in highway and traffic signs, including prismatic reflective materials.