Why Fill Out This Form?

ADSI has joined the ranks of companies like Honda, Cisco and 3M by implementing FreshDeskTM Customer Support software. Submitting this form automatically logs your customer support request into the FreshDeskTM database. The system prioritizes and triages the request and assigns it to the best agent available for action based on the information provided in the field of the request. Providing as much information as possible makes our job easier and gets you back running faster.

FreshdeskTM enables our team to collaborate and resolve issues quickly and allows us to research a solution prior to involving you which usually saves your time. Every request you sent to our support email becomes a ticket in our helpdesk. FreshDesk’s reporting allows us to monitor our performance against preset Service Level Targets. Although we state that our goal is to respond within 24 hours we actually set our internal target at 10 business hours. During the first six months of use we met that goal 97% of the time.

In most cases the system can respond with a “canned response” solution to your request, usually in the form of a return email with or without an attached video or Technical Support Bulletin. While this lacks the security of a person on the other end of the phone, we find that in many cases this actually shortens the time the customer spends solving the problem and the solution can be saved in case it is needed in the future. Other times we may determine that it will be easier to just give you a call. In any case, if you really can’t get it solved, we are here to talk you through the solution.

For more information on FreshdeskTM Customer Support Software visit www.freshdesk.com

At Allen Datagraph we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. If you own an ADSI machine, or just have a few questions about our tech support, below are some answers to frequently asked questions for you. Also, check our service policy for more details. Allen Datagraph’s Tech Support department can be reached at 603-216-6344, Monday – Friday 7:30a.m. – 4:30p.m. EST (-5 GMT).

For support, fill out the form below, or check the FAQ section at the bottom of the page.
If you need to send us a file or photo (15mb or smaller), please click on the “Paper Clip Button” below.

If you need to send us a file or photo (15mb or smaller), please click on the “Paper Clip Button” above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to contact the ADSI team?
The most efficient way to contact us about a tech support request is to submit your information via the online form below so that we can get your request into the right hands as quickly as possible. You may also contact us at 603-216-6344. You will be prompted to leave a voicemail in our tech support queue and your product’s support specialist will return your call as soon as possible.
How do I get repairs or purchase support blocks if my equipment is out of warranty?
1-hour blocks of support can be purchased in advance by calling 603-216-6344. Once you have purchased the blocks, technicians will track the length of calls and/or service time.
Does support come with new purchases?
Free service is offered during the warranty periods in accordance with our Service Policy. Free service is offered by email after warranty periods, or $95/hour after the first 15 minutes of phone service after the warranty period. Phone service is available any time Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4: 30 p.m. EST (-5 GMT).
Who handles my support claims?
You will receive assistance from specialists who work with your specific machine every day. This is why we require the model number and serial number for support requests.
I am a Premier Dealer. Where can I get support?
Premier Dealers have a separate contact portal to get in touch with their tech support representatives. If you’re a Premier Dealer, click here
Do you offer maintenance?
Ship to ADSI: Yes. For the cost of shipping and any parts not covered under warranties, Allen Datagraph will offer maintenance.

On Site: For the cost of travel expenses, Allen Datagraph will send a technician to you.

Where can I find documentation for my machine(s)?
You can access the Allen Datagraph documentation library by filling out the form on this page

Can I finance my equipment?
You can apply for equipment financing through our partner, ACG Equipment Financing

Allen Datagraph Systems, Inc. Service Policy