Model 315 Sprocket Trak Plotter

Allen Datagraph’s 15″ sproket-driven plotter delivers speed, accuracy, and precision. Allen Datagraph has engineered a dynamic tracking system that allows unattended runs of reliable punched media. With 16 pins engaging the material at all times, material handling is fast, smooth and faultless. And, the 315 will process all 15” punched media regardless of punch pattern (three-hole; slotted and uniform (IBM)). No material choice restrictions. The Sproket Trak Plotter system’s operation is simple, fast, and anxiety free!

All settings on the system are fingertip-controlled. Cut-force and speed are adjustable on the fly and there are no over complicated menus or sub-menus to work through. With cutting speed up to 37 IPS and acceleration up to 4Gs, your productivity will be maximized. The 315 Trak Plotter uses Allen Datagraph’s exclusive Gold Touch cutting head, providing a selectable force range of 10-550 grams. With the optional pounce kit you’ll have control over the hole size and spacing as well.

This system is compatible with all leading sign-making software design programs. It’s on track with how you like to work, and helps get it done faster!

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Model Summary

Media Width 15″
Active Cutting Width 13.25″ (337mm)
Maximum Media Thickness 0.045″ (1.1mm)
Media Handling Engineered Sprocket-Trak
Media punch patterns accepted Three-hole, slotted, uniform (IBM)
Media types Paper, vinyls, screen print, reflectives, magnetics, semi-rigid (PVC), sandblast stencil, paper
Drive technology Digital Servo
Cutting technology Swivel Knife
Material Handling Sprocket-feed
Addressable resolution 0.0000984″ (0.0025mm)
Mechanical resolution 0.0002″ (0.005mm)
End Point Accuracy 0.009843″ (0.25mm) or 0.1% of total
Repeatability 0.004″ (0.10mm)
Maximum on-axis speed 37 IPS (940mm/sec)
Maximum diagonal speed 52 IPS (1320mm/sec)
Selectable Acceleration Balanced, 0.25 – 4Gs
Force, selectable in 100 steps 0.0 oz – 19.4 oz (0g – 550g)
Buffer 2MB, expandable to 8MB
Microprocessor Intel® RiSC 80960
Command Language HPGL
Interface RS-232-C
Functional Attributes/Features
Vector Look Ahead Yes
Curve and Arc Smoothing Yes
Test Plot Function Yes
Test Cut Function Yes
Pause/Resume Yes
Remote Panel (System set-up, control & diagnostics Yes
Knife blades Pivoting carbide top, 45° and 60°
Selectable Knife Offset 0 – 0.1″ (0 – 2.5mm)
Pens available Roller ball, felt, or drafting (HP-style)
Pounce Tip Tool Steel
Selectable Pounce pitch 0.01″ – 1″ (0.25mm – 2.5mm)
Stand – N/A Desktop
Operating temperature 32° – 117°F (0° – 40°C)
Operating humidity Relative, 5% – 95%
Size 30″ x 10″ x  10″ (762mm x 254mm x 254mm)
Weight 39 lbs (18Kg)
Warranty 2 Years

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