Digital Label Systems

Stand Out Against the Competition

Your labels are the face of your brand. Why not make them amazing? Allen Datagraph Systems, Inc. brings years of experience and the industry’s leading digital label printing and finishing systems to your business. Create, print, and alter on the fly - your labels, your way.

Industry Leader

With over 1,000 installations worldwide, Allen Datagraph Systems is the leader in the manufacturing of digital label inkjet and LED toner printing systems, as well as die-less label finishing systems.


Our systems are the most cost-efficient turnkey solutions for short-run labels with a variety of shapes and sizes, from 1 to 5,000 linear feet.

iTech Centra HS Printer & Finisher

A complete digital label manufacturing solution that prints and finishes prime quality labels.

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Centra HS

Digital Label Systems for All Applications

Allen Datagraph Systems are the most efficient, effective, and flexible solutions for short-run labels on the market today. Our systems will help you produce labels that stand out against the competition, each and every time.

iTech Centra HS Printer

iTech Centra HS Printer

Wide Web digital labels. Where superior quality meets lightning-fast production.

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Centra HS

iTech Centra HS Finisher

The ultimate tool for the perfect finish. Save time, money and effort while boosting your productivity.

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Axxis XL Plus

iTech Axxis XL Plus Digital Label Finisher

Why waste time waiting for your large labels to finish? Speed up your process & boost your ROI.

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iTech Cypher Printer

iTech Cypher Digital Label Printer

Unlock the power of professional-quality colors and razor-sharp graphics for unmatched quality at your command.

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iTech Spectrum

iTech Spectrum Digital Label Printer

Indulge in a wide range of colors and tones for unmistakably excellent labels each and every time.

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Talon Graphics Panel

iTech Talon Digital Label Finisher

Incredible speed meets incredible quality, meaning you can get your best work done faster than the competition.

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iTech RTR-C3500

iTech RTR-C3500 For Epson C3500

Small size meets powerful printing capabilities. This is one compact station designed for your biggest jobs.

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T2C Printer

Achieve professional quality without the huge footprint. This plug-and-play label press is ready to go.

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QL-120 Printer

Just-in-time production shouldn't sacrifice quality. Precision printing is ready whenever you need it.

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QL-300 Printer

The world's first 5-color, toner-based desktop label printer brings robust designs to life on a variety of flexible media.

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iTech PS 1400

iTech PS 1400

The PS 1400 is an economical, automated solution to converting roll materials into sheets.

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