Introducing The PS 1400

The PS 1400 is an economical, automated solution to converting roll materials into sheets.

Cut A Variety Of Sizes

The PS 1400 is a 14 inch wide sheeter with a rotary knife that can cut a web width of 4 to 14 inches into any sized sheets up to 32 inches in length. The sheet size and quantity can be easily selected via the digital panel and the machine does the rest for you.

A Versatile System

This versatile and easy to use machine is a complete, stand alone system including a custom stand and auto-feed system capable of converting materials up to 14 inches in width at speeds up to 30 Ft/min.

A Compact Solution With Huge Potential

Designed For Ease of Use

Offering 3 different user modes, sheets can be cut to a specified length, cut using a printed registration mark, or double cut removing a gutter between the finished sheets.

Part Of The ADSI Family

The PS 1400 is yet another example of ADSI’s commitment to offer our customers comprehensive solutions for the production of labels, decals and signs.

iTech PS 1400 Specs


Single cut to mark, double cut to mark and sheet


Circular rotational carbide

Mechanical Accurancy

0.008 inch (0.2 mm)

Media Width

4 - 14 inches (102 - 355 mm)

Power Requirements

100 - 120, 200 - 240 VAC, 2A@120 VAC -1A@240 VAC

Linear Speed Sheet Mode

Up To 30 Ft/min

Operating Temperature

0 to 40 degree C operating

Operating Humidity

5% to 95% relative humidity non-condensing


L 33” x H 44” x W 30”

Min Length

.5 inches (13mm)

Max Length

45 inches (1140mm)


190 lbs.


1 year

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