Base Your Work on a Solid Foundation

With a wide range of settings on each instrument to keep everything on track, you’ll work with confidence knowing your data is accurate, your tests are true, and your reports are fast.

Set The Right Starting Point

Using ADSI recorders to test and measure your work means you’ll save time without sacrificing accuracy.

Built For Easy Operation

Keep your reports flexible with a wide range of sensitivity settings and adapt to multiple reports with multiple calibration options.

Model 700 XY

Featuring Both Analog And Digital Inputs

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Model 700XY

Set A Standard And Meet It Every Time

Accuracy in testing and measurement tools is critical to keeping your entire operation on point. With ADSI test and measurement tools, you can take on any job with confidence.



Choose the Model 40 for ultimate DAQ flexibility. With 16-bit or 24-bit analog inputs, the option to use USB, Ethernet, or WiFi, and numerous built-in firmware features,

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Model 700

Model 700 XY

Our best value multi-range general purpose recording systems, available with both analog and digital inputs so you can work the way that’s best for you.

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Model 900

Model 900 XY

Sealed feedback potentiometers and precision servo motors ensure years of reliable operation.

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Model 1100

Model 1100 XY

High performance analog servo drive instruments that offer high sensitivity and are available with high acceleration and either inch or centimeter calibration.

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Model 5001-obsolete

Offers the advantages of easy paper loading, field conversion to inch or metric units, and convenient multiple speed selection.

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Model 9240

A high-quality array recorder that’s unique in its ability to be adapted to a wide variety of demanding recording applications for the quality and performance-minded OEM.

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