Cut And Heat-Seal In One Easy Process

Cut the uncuttable with a digitally controlled cutting stylus available on the iTech Traffic Cutter that “heat-cuts” and edge seals your material at the same time.

Fast, Precise, and Efficient

  • Offers knife-cut precision while simultaneously sealing the edge of the material.
  • Able to process a wide selection of media that can not be processed by a standard sign plotter.

Ideal for a Wide Variety of Applications

  • Highway/ Traffic Sign Materials, Woven Synthetic Textiles, and Sign / Graphics Media compatible.
  • Delivers the accuracy, speed and control you need to process special materials

Cutting Tech Designed To Speed Your Production

Simple To Add To Your Workflow

Changing the settings to process various materials is as easy as adjusting the Speed and Force settings. The cutter’s intuitive control panel keeps it all user-friendly. Available on the iTech Traffic Cutter.

Complete, Full-Featured, High-Performance Cutting Systems

Delivered with all the processing tools needed to be production ready for knife cutting, pen plotting, and pattern pouncing.

Signs applications

Create and Cut Signs Faster Than Ever Before

With the change of just one tool, you can seamlessly to go from Hot Tip cutting to knife cutting, pen plotting, or pattern pouncing to get your most ambitious projects done quickly and simply.

iTech Hot Tip Cutter Specs

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