Achieve Vibrant & Full-Spectrum Color Labels with White Toner Printing

Achieve Vibrant & Full-Spectrum Color Labels with White Toner Printing

As odd as it may seem, sometimes the best way to make colors pop is to start simply… by not adding any color at all.

As any painter will tell you, starting with a blank white canvas is the best way to make sure your colors are vibrant, distinct, and clear. By layering colors on top of a solid white base, you can make each shade and hue that much more distinct.

Unfortunately, it seems like many label producers might have missed the memo. 

Constrained by the capabilities of label printers themselves, many label producers are still forced to print color directly on label media itself. The result is, often, exactly what you’d expect: labels printed with dull colors that struggle to stand out from the crowd. 

Now, there’s a solution—and it’s bringing white toner into the label printing process, helping you achieve rich, full colors for each and every label.

Here’s a closer look at why you should consider utilizing white toner for your label printing process, and why our rich, full-spectrum white toner printer options may be exactly the fix your labels have been waiting for.

Want Your Product To Stand Out? Make Your Labels Pop

When it comes to attracting the attention of consumers on a crowded retail shelf, label design matters. As past examples have shown, simply changing the label and packaging for a product can result in a significant increase in sales and customer retention, even if the product itself does not change. 

Using bright white toner on your labels—whether to create clean, bright designs or as a supporting backing for other colors—may be the solution to helping your label designs jump off the packaging and quickly catch a browsing customer’s eye among a crowded shelf.

When the focus is on making your label designs vibrant and clear, the type of substrate you’re printing on makes a big difference. 

If you’re printing on clear substrate, for example, it all comes down to opacity. If your print is not suitably opaque, the materials inside the packaging will likely be visible—meaning your design may be competing for visual clarity, causing it to lose some of its crisp, vibrant features.

The same can also be said for metallic or dark substrates: when your ink is competing against the natural reflective shine or against the dark colors of your substrate, the distinct features of your label may be lost or dulled. This can impact the vibrancy of your label design and, overall, the impact of your label on sales and customer retention.

White Toner: The Foundation for Rich, Vibrant Colors 

Historically, two types of label media have posed major challenges to producers looking to make their designs stand out: dark media, and clear media.

Dark media, including black or dark blue substrates, can be specifically tricky for producers looking to produce bright, vibrant colors. Because the medium itself is already dark in color, this can significantly diminish the hue of even bright ink when directly applied. 

By starting with a base of white toner directly on the dark-colored substrate, label producers can then add colored inks and imagery as an additional layer on top of the white toner, helping preserve the true color of the design.

Likewise, many label producers have recently jumped on the trend of clear-backed labels—especially for products in glass packaging, where clear visibility of the product inside is important. 

This is where white toner itself can play a big role in the label design, especially on clear labels that will themselves be placed on a dark packaging, or with visibility through the packaging to the dark-colored product inside.

Similarly, white toner has made a significant impact for printers looking to utilize metallic substrates. Whether you’re working to make colors vibrant against the shiny metallic substrate itself, or you’re looking for ways to integrate the color and shine of the substrate itself within the label design, white toner offers a simple and reliable way to make sure all aspects of your label design remain distinct and vibrant.

Keep Your Labels Looking Great, From Production To Sale

At Allen Datagraph Systems, we know the power of white toner for label producers working with clear, metallic, or dark substrates. We’ve helped dozens of businesses find the right label printing solution to match their needs, including some with unique needs involving clear label media with a distinct need for rich, full-spectrum colors. 

This is especially key for producers focused on unlocking short-run capabilities for their label production process, when consistency and quick turnaround are crucial to getting labels printed, finished, and ready for application.

For these producers, we recommend the iTech Spectrum digital label printer, which utilizes a white print option to produce full CMYK or CMY + White custom color labels on a wide variety of media options, including paper, polyester, vinyl and standard pressure-sensitive substrates. 

By utilizing dry-toner technology that is water, abrasion, and fade resistant, the iTech Spectrum allows producers to create beautiful labels that are designed to last—even for applications on bottles and glassware, where water resistance is often key.

And, because the iTech Spectrum can print up to 25 feet per minute on substrates 6.5 to 8.5 inches wide, it’s an ideal choice for producers focused on quick, custom, short runs of labels. In addition, the Spectrum provides reliable consistency with custom color profiling and spot color replacement on every label, allowing you to quickly adjust and correct any errors in the printing process without wasting time or money on misprints.

When combined with a die-less, in-house label finisher, the iTech Spectrum allows for the production of crisp, colorful, custom, short runs of labels—all without having to wait for pre-cut or pre-printed label deliveries, finisher dies. That can mean real-savings in the long term, and significantly more flexibility to make your labels truly stand out from the crowd.

Don’t Miss Out On All That White Toner Has To Offer

If you’re not already supporting your in-house label production process with white toner capabilities, you may find your product struggling to stand up to the competition—meaning you may also be missing out on valuable sales.

Whether you’re considering adding white to your existing labels, or you’re looking for a way to make your existing label designs truly pop, we can help. 

Get in touch with our team at ADSI for more info on exactly how our digital label printers can help you achieve vibrant, rich, full-spectrum label printing on almost any substrate—and get ready to watch your labels set your product far apart from the competition.

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