How Small Businesses Can Achieve Short-Run Profitability with A Scalable All-In-One Label Solution

How Small Businesses Can Achieve Short-Run Profitability with A Scalable All-In-One Label Solution

When we talk with businesses looking to upgrade their label production capabilities, it seems like they all struggle with striking a delicate balance:

“How can I make labels that look better than my competition, without breaking the bank to do so?”

It’s a fair question—some label production solutions can be a serious investment, with each piece of the puzzle bringing its own costs… along with its own headaches.

But what if your business could achieve the same high-quality, consistent label results without the extraordinary price point? What if there was just one, all-in-one solution designed to unlock professional-quality labels for even small businesses focused on short runs?

Introducing: the iTech T5, P5, and R5 label systems. Designed to provide a single, affordable, and reliable high-quality label solution for businesses, the T5, P5, and R5 system may just be the best offering we’ve ever created for those looking to achieve superior in-house results at a reasonable price point.

Here’s a closer look at what makes this solution so ideal for businesses looking to optimize their short-run label process.

An All-In-One Solution, Now More Affordable Than Ever

One major headache for label producers working with short-run or limited label production: managing all of the moving pieces needed to bring labels from start to finish.

Whether you’re running your entire label production operation in-house or outsourcing specific elements, keeping everything on-track and error-free through all steps of the label production process can be tricky. Between printing, finishing, and rewinding, there’s a lot that can go wrong… and a lot of opportunities for mistakes to make their way into the process.

That’s why the iTech T5, P5, and R5 combined solution is ideal for those looking to simplify the printing process into one easy-to-use and scalable roll-to-roll label solution—all at a fraction of the price of other label printing systems.

iTech P5 Printer: Versatile Capabilities for Short-Run Printing

Specially designed to offer profitable in-house label printing on-demand with short-run color label printing capability, the iTech P5 Printer can help you drive new revenue streams without adding extra hassle to your label production process.

The iTech P5 is built for versatile media handling, and allows users to take on new creative ideas and complex jobs with ease. Whether you’re focused on custom work for short runs of production or need to focus on exceptional quality for your most common print jobs, the P5 is ready to handle what you throw at it.

Plus, the P5 even lets you bring new color dimension to your labels by utilizing fifth color or CMYK+W option, which provides a base of white toner and brilliant white coloring to provide crisp printing quality and an even greater flexibility in label design.

And for those printers looking to maximize their capabilities for robust water/chemical resistant printing, the P5 can produce waterproof labels that are ready to last through delivery, and that are resistant to UV fading for longer shelf life and more vibrant appearance among busy shelf space.

iTech R5 Rewinder: Reduce Label Waste & Maximize Productivity

The R5 Label Rewinder reduces label waste and provides print job flexibility by providing simple-to-use and reliable rewinding for all of your print jobs in one simple system.

Designed for durability, the R5 features all-metal construction for robust operation through your toughest print jobs, and features self-regulating rewind torque for seamless operation without disrupting your process. 

And because the R5 requires only one step to put a new core on and take a finished roll of labels off, the unit can be operated with one hand—making it even easier to upgrade, streamline, and perfect your printing process.

iTech T5 Finisher: The Ideal In-House Label Finishing Solution

When it comes to reliable, all-in-one finishing solutions designed to support short runs and small label producers, there’s never been anything quite like the iTech T5 Digital Label Finisher.

Designed as a single solution that laminates, digital die-cuts without dies, strips,

and rewinds your labels, the iTech T5 utilizes proven revolutionary technology developed

by ADSI to die-cut labels on-demand without the need for expensive dies, or the delay in waiting for dies to be produced. That allows you to get your label jobs done without having to wait for pre-die cut labels to arrive, or for new dies to be created.

With finishing at speeds up to 8 feet per minute, the iTech T5 Digital Label Finisher uses plotting technology that can cut any die shape on the fly. Print to cut registration is accomplished via the SMARTMark Optical Registration System, allowing for multiple registration marks to be scanned to automatically adjust the cut file, compensating for any skew or scale issues that may have been caused by the output device or material. 

Using the same vector-based file data that would typically be “sent out” for die manufacturing, this data is opened in Adobe Illustrator and sent to the iTech T5 Digital Label Finisher. This computer-driven cutting technology is also capable of cutting multiple depths within the same cut file, allowing for perforations or multi-layer applications.

By combining these technologies to provide unmatched flexibility, the iTech T5 provides end-users with their own “in house” label finished solution that reduces inventory requirements and costs, and enables professional converters to provide their current customers with “value-added” capabilities while responding to the increasing demand for high quality, short-run, custom labels.

Easy to Upgrade to Match Your Evolving Needs

While the P5, R5, T5 label production system may be highly capable at its most basic iterations, this system is also designed to be highly scalable—allowing even small label producers to improve their production and achieve new revenue streams, all at an affordable price point.

When your label production is ready to grow, there’s no need to invest heavily in brand new technology. This iTech label system is able to grow and upgrade right alongside your needs, allowing you to scale your label production with it. That way, rather than buying a bunch of all-new equipment, producers can simply upgrade their existing P5, R5, and T5 equipment to support higher output.

Achieve Professional Label Quality for Short Run Capabilities

Even despite its size and low price point, the P5, R5, and T5 label production system feels exceptionally professional: all units feature matching designs and are available in matching colors, and all three provide professional-quality design and production.

But despite the high-quality performance, this system also boasts one key feature that many others simply can’t replicate: an affordable price for small-scale and entry-level producers.

Whether you’ve perfected your label printing process on less-than-ideal machinery, or you’re brand new to the label production process and are looking for a good entry point, this system from iTech may be the best choice for in-house label production ever presented. By providing reliable, durable performance, fifth-color and CMYK+White printing, and seamless operation, the iTech P5, R5, and T5 are finally bringing professional label capabilities to everybody.

If you’re interested in seeing this impressive short-run label production system for yourself, or if you’re simply interested in learning more, our team is ready to help. Get in touch with our team and see just what you can accomplish for your label production.

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