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Sheeter Firmware Load
Title: Setup Instructions for Tracking
Abstract: This technical support bulletin shows the material loading instructions for the ProSheeter to allow the media to track straight. Last Update 3-19-7.

ProSheet 1600 training videos for FX-301 sensor

To play a movie right click on one of the hyperlinks below and save the target. After download is complete click on the open button or find the downloaded file with your explorer and double click on the mpg file. The movie should play in either real player or Windows Media player.

*get videos from /video folder and move over along with /linkBUttons/movielink.jpg, put all in techsupport folder

This video shows and describes the buttons and lights on the smart mark sensor.

buttons 19mb

Technical Support Bulletin
Last Update 11-2-4

This video demonstrates training the smart mark so it can detect the mark

Sensor Training 9mb
Technical Support Bulletin
Last Update 11-2-4

This video demonstrates setting the smart mark sensor intensity from low to high.

Change Intensity 11mb
Technical Support Bulletin
Last Update 11-2-4

Abstract: These Technical support documents and videos describe how to train the eye, how to change the intensity, and the controls on the SmartMark sensor.


If your prosheet look list this cutter use prosheet 850 firmware else use L298 firmware

ProSheet Build 1.01 850 firmware 8-23-9
ProSheet Build 1.26a L298 Firmware 11-7-8