iTech Users Manual / Remote Panel Program / Firmware Update

Remote Panel

Remote Panel Program Installation

The Remote Panel Programs allow accessing the functions of the Allen Datagraph robots (i.e. cutters) from the computer instead of the front panel of the machine. The Remote Panel programs include the firmware for the your machine. Allen Datagraph recommends that if you are not having any problems with your robot that you do not upgrade your firmware. Only install the Remote Panel Program. You should only update the firmware after consulting tech support. The build number of the Remote Panel Program must match the build number of the firmware in your robot. You can find the firmware build number of the firmware on your robot by installing one of the builds, then click on setup -> main menu on the installed program. If the build numbers do not match down load and install the correct remote panel. If you need older versions of the remote panel please send an email via email form to request the remote panel program you need.

If your cutter communication ports look like this, firmware upgrades require factory assistance.  cutter

or like this

Side panel for graphic cutter

Click here to send a support request.


If your cutter communication port look like this, use this remote panel. cutter

Click here if you have a 4 digit display for i-TECH Build 65 Latest build 6-21-10

Click here if you have a 3 digit display to send request via support form

Title: Installing a Firmware and/or Remote Panel Upgrade
Abstract: This procedure details the firmware or Remote Panel upgrade procedure. Normally firmware is only sent to customers when a software problem is reported that has been fixed in a later version of the software.